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Revitalizer™ M - Best Male
Enhancement Formulation

Best Male Enhancement Formulation

Passion™ X - Fast Acting
Female Libido

Fast Acting Female Libido

SlimEasy™ α -
Rapid Weight Loss Formula

Proven Rapid Weight Loss Formula

DeCaf-EAFree™ Catechins -
Decaffeinated Green Tea Extact

Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract
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    Botaniex is a market-oriented and research-driven manufacturer and supplier of natural ingredients (botanical extracts/herbal extracts and herbal formulations) for the Industries of Dietary Supplements, Functional Foods, Functional Beverages, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals. Our strong R&D team is dedicated to development of the new natural ingredients and the herbal formulations focusing on men’s health and women’s health. In addition, both the advanced equipments and sophisticated technology are employed to produce the high quality and customized botanical extracts and herbal formula. We also provide customers with value added services such as Private Labels, Contract Manufacturing, and etc.

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    Branded Botanical Extracts


    Proprietary Herbal Formulation

    • Revitalizer M™ - best herbal formulation for male enhancement
    • Passion-X™ - Women’s Libido Formula for female sexual arousal dysfunction
    • SlimEasy™ - a Rapid Weight Loss Management Formula
    • AIDS-CON™ - an immune-booster fighting against HIV/AIDS
    • Liver Pro™ - an herbal combo for liver protection and treatment of liver impairment.

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Industry Updates

  • European Study Confirms Anti-Malarial Effect of Green Tea Extract

    BALTIMORE, MD – Marketwired – Aug 20, 2013 – Goldman Small Cap Research, a stock market research firm focused on the small cap and microcap sectors, notes that a research study published by a number of scientists in Italy demonstrates that green tea extracts do have a positive impact in treating malaria, in vitro. While…

  • Herbal supplement sales rose 5.5% in US in 2012, ABC says

    Herbal dietary supplement sales increased 5.5% in the United States in 2012 according a new report in HerbalGram, the publication of the American Botanical Council. Overall sales reached $5.6 billion in 2012, according the report, which relied on data from Nutrition Business Journal, SPINS and Symphony IRI. Overall sales of herbal supplements have shown steady,…

  • Sea buckthorn and bilberries may improve metabolic and heart health for women: RCT data

    Daily consumption of sea buckthorn berries, its extracts, or bilberries may boost the overall metabolic profiles of overweight women, says a new study from Finland. Using a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) metabolomics, researchers from the University of Turku, the University of Oulu, and Aromtech evaluated the effects of sea buckthorn, select fractions, and bilberry on…