Patent Application for Formula and Manufacturing of EJACON Accepted by Chinese National Patent Administration

Botaniex acquires the rights to the revolutionary technology and formulation behind EJACON’s potent ejaculatory control and male enhancement.

Changsha, China – March 29, 2006 – The patent application for the formula and manufacturing process of EJACON was accepted by the Chinese National Patent Administration. Its patent pending number is: 200610031389.1. The patent covers the technologies employed in manufacturing: extraction, purification, and blending of herbs. Also included in the patent are transdermal, targeting, and “fingerprint” (for verifying authenticity) technologies.
The manufacturing processes detailed in the patent allow Botaniex to fully extract and purify the active ingredients within each herb. The blending process is crucial to the effectiveness of EJACON; the herbs must be mixed in perfect proportions in order to take advantage of the unique properties of each herb. Furthermore the transdermal and targeting technologies implemented in the final product allow EJACON to be absorbed optimally in the desired area upon application.
By applying for the patent, Botaniex wishes to protect consumers by preventing the counterfeiting of EJACON, thereby ensuring that consumers purchase a genuine product that is guaranteed to be safe and effective.
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