Value Added Services

To reinforce our competitiveness, we differentiate ourselves as a Value Added Services Provider. We assist our customers and/or business partners, allowing them to gain a competitive advantage in their marketplaces.

The value added services we offer: Concept Development/Formulation Assistance, Clinical Trial Support, and Private Labels/Contract Manufacturing.

Concept Development/Formulation Assistance
The experts at Botaniex incorporate the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory with Western health concepts, and assist our customers in developing formulas that meet high standards of safety and efficiency.
Herbal Formulation – Botaniex

Clinical Trial Support
We help conduct clinical trials in China for the formulas on behalf of our customers according to the protocols of the USA, Canada, and Europe. In addition, we prepare the clinical trial reports, which are then approved by the relevant regulatory agencies. This results in significant cost savings for our customers.
Clinical Trial Support-Botaniex

Private Labels / Contract Manufacturing
Based on our extensive network in the industry and the diversity of our ingredients, we offer our customers the services of private labels/contract manufacturing including:


In short, we can provide “Ready-to-Sell” products, which assist our customers in expediting the commercialization of their products, enabling them to achieve a higher level of profitability.
Private Label Services – Botaniex

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