Botaniex Announces New Line of Ready To Drink Instant Tea Mixes for Global Beverage Manufacturers

Developed in house with Botaniex’s expertise in extracts and formulations, its new lines of Ready to Drink Instant Tea Mixes makes it easy and affordable for manufacturers to customize and tailor tea flavours for palette preferences of various markets.

Changsha, China – August 14, 2015 – Botaniex, a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium botanical extracts/herbal extracts, tea extracts to the global dietary supplements, food and beverage industry, announces the launch of a brand new product category centred around flavoured tea mixes destined for manufacturers in the global food marketplace.

The new RTD (Ready to Drink) Instant Tea Mixes are expertly formulated with Botaniex’s renowned tea extracts and natural flavours developed by in house flavorists. The current line up of mixes includes Energy Teas like Green or Black tea that have been infused with Ginseng, Peach flavoured Black Tea, Kiwi flavoured Green Tea, and Lychee flavoured rose tea mixes and many more. These mixes are highly soluble, easily transported, and customizable. They were created with manufacturer goals in mind. The cold water-soluble formulations allow for simple bottling and packaging with minimal agitation and no heating, making them ideal for minimizing costs and increasing consumer safety.

Botaniex, committed to offering products that are high quality with a global focus, offers manufacturers the opportunity to customize and develop novel and unique tea flavours in partnership alongside their in house flavorists in order to better suit the preferences of consumers in different demographic regions.

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