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Unveiling the Main Benefits and Effects of Tongkat Ali

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Unveiling the Main Benefits and Effects of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is a wild shrub that grows in the humid, sandy soil of the original tropical rainforests near the equator in Southeast Asia. It typically matures in over five years. The tree can grow to a height of 4-6 meters, with some reaching up to 12 meters. The trunk diameter is 8-10 cm, with the thickest being 15 cm. The branches almost do not fork, and the leaves form an umbrella shape at the top. Its roots also do not fork and can reach depths of up to 2 meters.

The roots of Tongkat Ali have multiple benefits and are considered one of Malaysia's three national treasures, alongside bird's nest and tinware. Research shows that the roots, especially the core, contain various phytochemicals that can increase testosterone production. Testosterone is a hormone necessary for male sexual function and brain development.

Beautiful Legend of Tongkat Ali

There is a folk story in Southeast Asia about an elder named Mohammed Ali. At the age of 90, Ali entered the primeval forest to hunt. He got lost and, in his struggle, ate Tongkat Ali, which greatly boosted his strength. Eventually, he returned to the tribe with the help of Tongkat Ali. To the surprise of the locals, Ali looked much younger and healthier despite being away for months. Ali shared his experience with his tribe, leading them to dig and consume Tongkat Ali.

Main Benefits and Effects of Tongkat Ali

Kidney Strengthening

Both Western and Chinese medicine have confirmed that male hormone levels peak at around 20 years old and decrease by 2% each year. By the age of 80, they can drop to 20-50%. For females, the ovaries produce 40% of the male hormones. When these hormone levels decrease, both men and women experience fatigue, weight gain, reduced physical and mental capacity, and decreased libido.

Active ingredients in Tongkat Ali have been shown to promote the production of more testosterone, with an increase of up to 440%. Human trials indicate that DHEA levels rose from 26% to 47% after three weeks of consumption, while SHBG levels dropped by 36% after one week and 66% after three weeks. The result is an increase in the “free testosterone index,” which means Tongkat Ali biologically promotes testosterone production.

Promoting Fertility

Research has shown that Tongkat Ali improves sperm quality, quantity, size, and motility. In laboratory tests on mice, the offspring of female mice that consumed Tongkat Ali were twice as large as those that didn't. Researchers concluded that increased fertility was due to improved sperm quality and quantity. The effects on increasing reproductive capacity are also significant, with male offspring showing a threefold increase compared to female offspring.

Enhancing Immunity

Malaysian researchers discovered that Tongkat Ali contains an antioxidant enzyme that can counteract the chain reactions caused by harmful free radicals in the body.


1. Researchers from the University of Tokyo Medical School isolated anti-cancer substances from Tongkat Ali, demonstrating strong effects on lung and breast cancer.

2. A joint study by a Malaysian government research institute and MIT found that Tongkat Ali contains potent anti-cancer and anti-HIV components, which are more effective than existing treatments. Other studies also showed that its chemical components can combat tumors and fever.

Treating Prostatitis

Tongkat Ali fulfills the three necessary conditions for treating prostatitis:

1. It significantly boosts testosterone levels, enhancing immunity and gonadal function.

2. Its unique, potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components act on the gonadal area.

3. It strengthens blood circulation, aiding in delivering the medicine to the prostate area, effectively alleviating symptoms of prostatitis.

Reducing Fever

In 1995, a report stated that Quissinoid extracted from Tongkat Ali has antipyretic and fever-reducing effects, which are twice as strong as aspirin.


Research on Tongkat Ali began in the 1980s, revealing that its roots contain alkaloids and peptides that effectively kill malaria pathogens.

These insights into Tongkat Ali's benefits highlight its extensive medicinal value and its longstanding use as a traditional medicine and tonic in Southeast Asia.


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