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Yucca Extract

Yucca Schidigera belongs to the Agave family and belongs to the genus Yucca. It is also known as phoenix tail yucca, spiny leaf royal orchid, and pineapple flower, which is distributed in North America and later introduced to various countries around the world.

Yucca Extract is a new type of feed additives. The main active ingredients are steroidal saponins (sasaponin, sarsaparin, and agave saponin), free saponins, and carbohydrate complexes. It has strong adsorption capacity for harmful gases, which can reduce the concentration of harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide in livestock buildings, improve the animal feeding environment, promote feed decomposition, improve digestibility, enhance the body's resistance, and promote the body's absorption of nutrients. Absorption can improve animal health, improve livestock and poultry production performance, and effectively improve the quality of livestock products; it can also stimulate the circulatory and respiratory systems, affect vitamin activity, and animal hormone secretion. As a pancreatic emulsifier, it has been widely studied and used in animal production, resulting in good economic and social benefits. It is also used in the production of other products, such as foaming agents for carbonated drinks and food flavor enhancers, and has been approved by the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as complementary foods.

Basic Information

Product Name: Yucca Extract, Sarsaponin Powder, Yucca Schidigera Extract
Botanical Name: Yucca Schidigera

Specifications: 30% 60% 80% Saponins, 10:1
Active Ingredients: Saponins

Part Used:  Stems and leaves
Appearance: Brown Yellow Fine Powder


  • Improve the breeding environment

  • Regulate the intestinal environment

  • Improve animal growth performance

  • Provide immune function of the body

  • Improve the quality of livestock products


  • Application of Yucca Extract in pigs. The volatilization of ammonia gas not only leads to the waste of nitrogen sources, but also causes serious pollution to the pig farm and the surrounding environment. If the impact of ammonia on the environment cannot be well controlled, it will become one of the constraints on the sustainable and efficient development of the pig industry. Yucca extract can effectively reduce the ammonia content in the intestine, reduce ammonia damage to intestinal mucosal cells and the renewal of intestinal mucosal cells, and reduce fetal stillbirth or weak fetuses due to hypoxia.

  • Application of Yucca Extract in poultry. Yucca extract is widely used in broiler breeding as a deodorant. A large number of studies have shown that yucca extract can significantly reduce the content of harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide in chicken houses. At present, the application of yucca extract is not limited to deodorization function. Its production tests show that yucca extract can also promote the growth of broilers and increase the metabolic rate of energy and protein. In the late laying period of laying hens, the laying period is extended to slow down the decline in egg production.

  • Application of Yucca Extract in ruminants. Yucca extract is widely used as a rumen nutritional regulator abroad. A large number of studies at home and abroad have shown that yucca extract can improve rumen anaerobic microbial fermentation, inhibit urease activity, and reduce rumen the role of endoprotozoal density.

  • Application in aquaculture. Yucca extract can reduce the mass concentration of ammonia in water, improve water quality, and promote aquaculture.

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