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Instant Tea Powder

Instant Tea Powder is a new type of tea beverage in the form of granules, powders or flakes that are soluble in water and have no tea residue, processed through extraction, filtration, concentration, drying and other processes using finished tea leaves as raw materials. The product completely retains the nutrition and flavor of tea, with pure tea aroma and bright color. Botaniex selects young tea raw materials and scientifically blends them, using modern high-tech to produce a series of instant tea products with various specifications such as hot-melt type and cold-melt type, which can be suitable for different taste requirements of beverages, food, etc., and have the following distinctive features: completely soluble in hot, warm and cold water. We can develop targeted products according to different uses such as beverages, food, and dairy products with diverse flavors and textures.

Product Name

  • Instant Green Tea Powder

  • Instant Black Tea Powder

  • Instant White Tea Powder

  • Instant Oolong Tea Powder

  • Instant Scented Tea Powder



  • Instant Green Tea Powder: Green or light green-yellow powder; the soup color is clear green and bright, fresh taste and rich aroma.

  • Instant Black Tea Powder: Reddish-brown powder in appearance, bright red and clear soup, fresh and mellow taste, and rich aroma.

  • Instant Oolong Tea Powder: Golden light brown powder; the soup color is golden and bright, the taste is fresh and mellow, and the aroma is rich.

Drinking: Most tea powder can only be brewed with hot water, while instant tea is suitable for both hot and cold drinks.

  • Cold drinks: The water temperature should be controlled at around 0℃~25℃ for fresh and refreshing drinks.

  • Hot drinks: brew with hot water at around 70℃~80℃ for a mellow taste.

Dissolution Speed: The tea powder dissolves slowly, and some of it needs to be stirred. Instant tea can be dissolved in 3 seconds, no need to stir whether it is hot or cold.

Storage Conditions

Keep sealed. Store in a cool, dry place away from light and heat (temperature ≤ 35°C, relative humidity ≤ 75%).


Recommended Dosage

  • 0.2-0.5% in liquid beverages

  • 20-80% in solid beverages

  • 1-5% in other foods

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