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Paprika Oleoresin

Paprika Oleoresin is a natural red pigment extracted from the peel of red peppers of the Solanaceae family. It is a lutein-type conjugated polyolefin oxygen-containing derivative. Its main components are Capsanthin and Capsorubin. Before being extracted, it is stored in the complete cell tissue of the pepper fruit. Because it is protected by the cell membrane and certain components in the cell and forms lipids, when the capsicum red pigment is extracted, due to the loss of biological protection mechanisms such as cell membranes, Paprika Red Pigment will produce an auto-oxidation reaction under aerobic conditions, and external factors will accelerate its oxidative decomposition and cause fading. The content of Capsaicin and Capsanthin in peppers varies depending on the pepper variety, origin, harvest period and drying conditions. Most of the Paprika Oleoresin extracted at present is a mixed chemical compound with Capsorubin and Capsorubin as the main body.

Basic Information

Product Name: Paprika Oleoresin, Paprika Red Pigment, Paprika Extract, Capsanthin, Capsanthin Pigment, Capsicum Red Pigment, Chilli Red
Appearance: Dark Red Liquid
Color Value: 100~250 E (66,000CU~150,000CU)

Benefits and Applications

  • Application in Medicine

  1. Used for coloring in medicines. Natural food pigments are also widely used in medicine, such as for coloring tablets, liquid oral liquids, powdered oral medicines, and medicinal cloths and other health care medicines. , the color development in various liquid medicines, and the red, yellow, green and other colors of various pills and tablets. Medicines treat diseases and cannot affect people's health because of their color.

  2. As an antioxidant, it prevents atherosclerosis. Capsanthin in capsanthin is a type of carotenoid and is also a popular antioxidant at present. Oxidation has a certain relationship with chronic diseases, cancer and aging of the body. Antioxidants can also prevent low-density lipoprotein from being oxidized into harmful lipids, so carotenoids, a strong antioxidant in vegetables such as peppers and carrots, can prevent atherosclerosis

  3. Health-care effects of capsicum red pigment Beta-carotene can prevent the formation of a particularly harmful low-density lipoprotein in the human body, because low-density lipoprotein can destroy the arrangement of cells on the blood vessel wall and accelerate the formation of thrombus, so it is useful for preventing and treating arteriosclerosis and malignant development. It has a certain effect. At the same time, for all cancer patients, those with low concentrations of carotene and low VA in the body are twice as likely to develop cancer as those with normal concentrations. Paprika Oleoresin also has certain health effects.

  • Applied in preventing radiation. Research reports show that spices can protect the DNA of cells from damage by radiation. Especially against the damage of gamma rays, the protective effect of spices is the most significant. Paprika Red Pigment is derived from chili peppers and is a type of spice. Indian researchers compared various spices to understand the protective effects of various spices such as red pepper, black pepper, curry, and Curcumin in preventing radiation.

  • Application in cosmetics. In recent years, the "naturalization" and "health care" of cosmetics have become popular, which also involves the use of pigments. The color of cosmetics (such as lipstick, rouge, etc.) plays an important role and has a direct impact on the human body. In particular, Paprika Oleoresin has a greater impact on regular users (such as literary and artistic workers). There are currently a small number of trial products of natural pigments. In addition, pigments in daily necessities cannot be ignored. The coloring of soaps, detergents, shampoos, etc. also needs to turn to natural food pigments.

  • Application in food. According to China Food Hygiene Law, this product is an edible red pigment that complies with the national GB2760-86 standard and can be used in oily foods, sauces, aquatic product processing, vegetable products, jelly, ice cream, and cream, margarine, cheese, salads, sauces, rice products, baked goods and other food processing. The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Spain, Mexico and Southeast Asian countries widely use Chili red ingredients as natural food additives.

  • Application in simulated food. Since this product not only has bright color, high color value, strong tinting power, is safe and non-toxic, has high stability, light resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, it can effectively extend the life of simulated food. It has a long shelf life, is widely sourced, and is cheap, so it is an ideal natural food coloring in simulated foods.

  • Application in feed. Capsanthin products are more effective when used in conjunction with lutein products.

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