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Black Ginger Extract

Black Ginger belongs to the perennial tropical herbaceous plant of the Zingiberaceae family and the Kaempferia genus. It is native to the mountainous areas of tropical Asia. It is called "black ginger" and "black-hearted ginger" because of the black-purple color inside when cut raw. It is a local folk medicinal plant. Black Ginger is small in size, has a long growth cycle, and is rich in active ingredients such as polymethoxyflavonoids, zinc, arginine, and anthocyanins.
Black Ginger is mainly produced in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Now it is currently used as a raw material for dietary supplements, especially in Thailand.

Basic Information

Product Name: Black Ginger Extract

Botanical Name: Kaempferia Parviflora

Specification: 5, 7-Dimethoxyflavone 1-20%

Test Method: HPLC

Part Used: Rhizome


With its rhizome as medicine, some pharmacological studies have shown that Black Ginger Extract has the following properties:

  • Anti-allergy

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Anti-cholinesterase

  • Anti-cancer

  • Prevention of peptic ulcer

  • Anti-obesity

  • Enhances the sexual function of men


Black Ginger is a natural good medicinal material. It was originally a plant of the Zingiberaceae family that grew in the mountains. It was formed by absorbing the essence of day and night. Therefore, it was a royal tribute in the old times. This is why Zheng He paid tribute to black ginger to the emperor of the Ming Dynasty.

In Malaysia, black ginger has always been used as a natural health product for the royal family. In traditional medicine, it is said that it was also a royal herbal medicine. There are also articles stating that its origin is Thailand, and it has been used as folk medicine for a long time. It is a folk medicinal plant widely cultivated in Southeast Asia.

In Thailand, black ginger is known as "Kracaidum", also known as "Thai Ginseng". It has been used as medicine among the people for centuries and has now become one of the country's top-earning herbal medicines.

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