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Garlic Extract

Allicin is an organic sulfur compound extracted from the bulbs (garlic heads) of Allium Sativum in the Liliaceae family. It is also found in onions and other Allium plants. The scientific name is diallylthio Sulfinates. 
Allicin is the major biologically active component of garlic. First reported by Cavallito and Bailey in 1944, Allicin is the key ingredient responsible for the broad-spectrum of anti-bacterial activity in garlic.

Basic Information

Product Name: Garlic Extract, Garlic Extract Allicin

Botanical Name: Allium Sativum

Active ingredient: Allicin

Specification: 5:1, 10:1, 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%

Part Used: Stem

Appearance: Light Yellow Fine Powder

Test Method: HPLC


  • Allicin has broad antibacterial properties and strong bacteriostasis. It has a strong killing effect on both Gram-positive bacteria and Gram-negative bacteria, and can effectively inhibit the occurrence of common diseases in fish, livestock and poultry.

  • Seasoning to attract food and improve feed quality. It has a strong, pure garlic smell and can replace other flavoring agents in feed. It can improve the odor of feed, stimulate fish, livestock and poultry to produce a strong food-attracting effect, greatly increase their appetite and increase feed intake.

  • Enhance immunity and promote the healthy growth of livestock, poultry and fish. Adding an appropriate amount of Allicin to the feed will make the animals' fur shiny, strong and disease-resistant, reduce feed consumption, and increase egg production in laying hens. It can promote the growth of fish, livestock and poultry, and improve their survival rate.

  • Improve animal quality. Adding an appropriate amount of Allicin to feed can effectively regulate the formation of amino acids that stimulate the production of aroma in meat and increase the production of aroma components in animal meat or eggs, thereby making the flavor of animal meat or eggs more delicious.

  • Reduce toxins and repel insects, prevent mildew and preserve freshness. Adding Allicin to feed can have the functions of clearing body temperature, detoxifying, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and can significantly reduce the toxicity of harmful substances such as mercury, cyanide, and nitrite in feed. It can effectively repel insects, flies, mites, etc., protect feed quality, and improve the environment in livestock and poultry houses.

  • Non-toxic, no side effects, no drug residue, and no drug resistance.

  • Resistant to coccidiosis.


  • Pharmaceutical field, it is mainly used in treating bacterial infection, gastroenteritis and cardiovascular disease.

  • Health product field, it is usually made into capsule to lower blood pressure and blood-fat and delay senility.

  • Food field, it is mainly used for natural flavor enhancer and widely used in biscuit, bread, meat products and etc.

  • Feed additive field, it is mainly used in feed additive for developing the poultry, livestock and fishes against the disease and promoting growing and improving the flavor of egg and meat.

  • Veterinary field, it is mainly used to inhibit the reproduction of colon bacillus, salmonella and etc. It also can treat respiratory infection and disease of digestive tract of poultry and livestock.

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