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Green Coffee Bean Chlorogenic Acid

GCB™ is Botaniex’s branded proprietary Green Coffee Bean Extract. Coffee beans are naturally green and contain a large quantities of antioxidants and pharmacologically active compounds like Caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid (CGA). 
Although caffeine is retained in roasted coffee beans, CGA is mostly lost and thus must be extracted from the bean when they are fresh. Studies have shown that CGA reduces the release of glucose into the bloodstream making it extremely useful as a weight-loss supplement. Other health benefits include significant lowering of blood pressure and anti-cancer properties.

Botaniex offers Green Coffee Bean Extract in the follow specifications:

Product Name

Brand Name/Code


Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract/GCB20

Chlorogenic Acid 20%

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract/GCB30

Chlorogenic Acid 30%

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract/GCB50

Chlorogenic Acid 50%

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract/GCB60

Chlorogenic Acid 60%

*Customized specifications available upon request

Green Coffee Bean Extract is prepared from a species of coffee that has its origins in central and western Africa. It is commonly known as Robusta coffee and is commonly brewed for espresso. Proprietary extraction methods allow for a high yield of the Chlorogenic Acid responsible for the extract’s health benefits.

Botanical Name

Coffea canephora

Green Coffee Bean Chlorogenic Acid1

Plant Family


Part of Plant Used

Beans of Fruit


· Increases metabolic rate; increases calorie burn

· Slows release of glucose into bloodstream after meals; reduces calorie intake without changing

· Lowers blood pressure; naturally moderates hypertension to a degree

· Anti-cancer; increases rate of DNA repair, especially helpful against high-fat diets


Chlorogenic Acid is the active ingredient found in Green Coffee Bean Extract and has been shown to markedly reduce the rate at which glucose enters the blood stream after a meal, its high bioavailability in humans contributes to its effectiveness. This effectively lowers the caloric intake without having to change ones diet. Metabolic increases are also observed, especially if the extract is not decaffeinated which allows an individual to obtain a higher calorie deficit if they are already on a diet plan. A noticeable decrease in blood pressure is also observed when CGA is taken as a dietary supplement. Chlorogenic acid and its three metabolic byproducts are the only antioxidants that have increased the protein expression of two DNA repair enzymes PARP and PMS2. When CGA was administered in laboratory settings on mice to simulate high-fat diets commonly present in the west, shows that CGA has a marked ability to prevent colon cancer at the molecular level.


There have been no reports of adverse effects caused by the consumption of Green Coffee Bean extracts and Chlorogenic Acid supplements.


Typical dosage ranges from 800-1600mg/day

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